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Buying The Right Clothing

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Why Your Feet Can't Afford Cheap Work Boots

Buying new work boots is not the first thing you want to spend money on, but it is necessary for your job. When you are shopping around for the best deals, make sure that you aren't compromising your comfort to save a few dollars. You can find good prices on men's work boots without skimping on quality. Here are some of the problems buying high quality boots will help you avoid.

1) Poor Arch Support

The ligament in your foot that supports the arch in your foot is called the plantar fascia. If your shoes don't fit well (or they are worn out), you are likely to start experiencing heel pain. Over time, you can start to tear the ligaments in your feet, and you may experience plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is when your feet are swollen or irritated, especially when you walk.

What Your Boots Need: You may be able to add support to your arches by using inserts in your work boots. Replacing or adding support to your boots will usually help your arches heal on their own. If you are already experiencing a lot of pain from your old boots, try elevating your feet (whenever possible) and using ice packs to soothe those tootsies.

2) Broken Toes

When your job entails lifting and maneuvering heavy equipment and machinery, you should be concerned about the safety of your toes. Accidents happen, whether they are caused by you or someone else, and 50 lbs. dropped on your foot is going to do some serious damage without proper protection. 

What Your Boots Need: Work boots with steel toes are an easy way to avoid broken toes. If you haven't found steel toed boots you like yet, consider looking into custom boots at places like White's Boots.

3) Painful Falls

Your boots should have good tread on them to help you walk through water, grease, and other slippery conditions. Falling at ground level is painful, but slipping at a construction site can be fatal.

What Your Boots Need: The tread on your footwear should be slip-resistant. Look for boots that boast good traction to prevent a needless injury.

There are many good things that come from shopping for a bargain, but you cannot cut corners when it comes to protecting yourself on the job. When you buy boots that fit correctly, offer good arch support, have reinforced steel toes, and do not slip on wet surfaces, you really have found a good deal.