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Create An Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Gift Basket With These 4 Hand Selected Items

Baby showers are wonderful and exciting events for both the mother-to-be and guests. It's a beautiful occasion that is a celebration of the impending arrival of the new baby and a chance for friends and family to give meaningful gifts. If you're having trouble deciding on the perfect gift to give your loved one and their baby, a hand selected, eco-friendly gift basket may be the ideal choice. Here are four items that will make perfect additions to this personal gift.

1. An organic baby suit

For the first few months of life, babies mainly wear baby suits because they're comfortable, practical, and keep baby warm and cozy. Their pure, newborn skin is very sensitive, so an organic baby suit won't cause any irritation. Organic fabrics such as cotton or bamboo are also light and breathable to help regulate a baby's temperature and let their skin breathe.

2. Natural baby skin care products

Another lovely addition to your gift basket is a selection of natural baby skincare products. These products should be specifically designed for babies and use gentle, natural ingredients that won't harm or dry out the baby's skin. Bath liquid, baby shampoo, moisturizing lotion, and diaper rash cream are all essential items for newborn skin care.

3. Toxin-free wooden toys

It's undeniable that baby toys will inevitably end up in a baby's mouth. You can make sure that they're not going to ingest any nasty and harmful toxins by adding a few toxin free wooden toys into your gift basket. Choose toys that are made from solid wood that hasn't been treated with any chemical-based sealers. If they're painted, the paint should be natural, vegetable-based paint that's harmless if ingested by tiny bodies.

4. Something for Mom

As well as items for the baby, it's a lovely gesture to add in a little something for the Mom to be. This could be something simple like a selection of organic herbal teas that are safe to drink while pregnant and nursing, or a block of her favorite organic chocolate. For a slightly more elaborate gift, a voucher pregnancy massage or relaxation facial using natural, plant-based products is a wonderful treat.

A hand selected, eco-friendly gift basket is a very special and personal gift to give at a baby shower. It will be full of gentle, useful, and lovely gifts, and perhaps more importantly, it will be filled with your love, thoughts, and very best wishes. For more information, contact companies like Baby Sawyer.