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Buying The Right Clothing

For years I tried to get "the most" out of my clothes. Instead of retiring old T-shirts when they had visible holes, I would wear them until they were nearly thread-bare. Unfortunately, although the people closest to me knew that I wasn't crazy, my outer appearance made me look a little less-than-attractive. I decided to change things, which is why I started focusing more on clothing and accessories. I started visiting stores to see what they had to offer, and I even figured out how to save money on the things I wanted to buy every day. Read this blog to learn how to shop smarter and find the right clothing.

FAQs About InsectRepellent Clothing

If you spend a lot of time outside in the woods or fields, then you may have heard of insect repellent clothing. The premise is simple: this clothing keeps insects away from you. However, as you start thinking about insect repellent clothing a bit more, you'll probably realize you have a few questions. 

How does the clothing actually keep insects away?

Most insect repellent apparel works in two ways. First, it is embedded with permethrin, which is an agent known to repel most bugs. (It's the key active ingredient in a lot of bug sprays.) Second, it is very densely woven, which keeps bugs like mosquitoes and black flies from biting right through it.

What items of clothing should you buy?

If you can only afford to buy one item of insect repellent clothing, make it pants. Wearing insect-repelling pants will keep most ticks off of your legs, and ticks are some of the most dangerous insects since they spread Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, and an array of other infections. If you can afford some additional insect repellent clothing, a hat is nice since it will keep the bugs away from your face. And finally, a shirt will complete the outfit — although it may not be entirely necessary if you have repellent pants and a repellent hat.

Does the insect repellent last forever?

The insect repellent quality does gradually wear off over time. The clothing's tag should tell you how many washes it's good for. When you reach the point that the repellent is no longer as effective as it was before, you can always re-soak the clothing in a permethrin solution to make it bug repellent once again. Outdoor stores sell prepared permethrin soaks that you can use exactly for this purpose.

Will your insect repellent clothing smell bad?

This clothing does not smell like strong bug spray, so don't worry about that! If you bury your nose in insect repellent clothing, you may notice a slight chemical odor from the permethrin. But unless you're really trying to smell it, the odor is not generally strong enough to be bothersome.

If you spend a lot of time outside, investing in insect repellent clothing is a wise choice. Even if you just start with a pair of pants, you'll be better protected from the bugs that like to bite and bother you, and that's all you can really ask for.

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