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Buying The Right Clothing

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Preparation Tips For Buying Your First Made-To-Measure Suit

If you are a newly minted attorney and want to have a made-to-measure suit sewn for your upcoming court appearances, then you are likely wondering what you can expect during the measuring and fitting process. With a bit of research and proper preparation, your made-to-measure suit will be in style and look fantastic for years to come. To get the best results from your made-to-measure business suit, follow each of these time-tested preparation tips.

Tip: Do Your Homework and Arrive at the Tailor with a Good Idea of What You Want

Before you can have a made-to-measure suit sewn, you need to know exactly what you want. Some of the things you need to decide are:

  • the suit's color
  • the suit's lapel style
  • the suit's pocket style
  • the suit's venting style

In addition to the above, you will also need to select the lining and buttons used on the suit. 

Tip: Choose the Best Local Tailor You Can Afford

As with most things in life, the quality of your made-to-measure suit will correspond to the skill level of the tailor who measures you and makes it. While you may be tempted to save yourself some money by measuring yourself at home and ordering a custom suit online, this is never a good option. In addition to their excellent sewing ability, professional tailors know exactly how to best measure your body and set off your positive attributes while minimizing the negative. 

Tip: Listen to the Advice Given to You by the Professional Tailor

When you are discussing your new business suit with your tailor, make sure you are open to listening to the advice they give you. For example, you may think you want to have a blue suit made with a single vent. The tailor may suggest that you would look better in a black suit and you would be more comfortable with a double vent style. While the final decision is always yours to make, you should seriously listen to the suggestions your tailor makes and consider following the recommendations where possible.

Tip: Plan for Plenty of Time to Have Your New Business Suit Sewn

Finally, it is important to note that made-to-measure business suits typically take a couple of months to make. And, once they are finished, custom suits often need to have their jackets and pants altered slightly for the absolute best fit. For this reason, you need to allow plenty of lead time for your tailor to make your suit.

Speak to a professional tailor or visit a tailor shop like Winn Brothers to get started.